Leave your mark with staino by evo fab pro

Pure, undiluted colour fun. Discover a new way of painting with staino by evo fab pro

Super-bright. Long-lasting. staino by evo fab pro isn’t any ordinary direct dye… it’s intense.

The line’s colour palette of ten fully-intermixable shades (plus clear) features high concentrations of pigment, providing ridiculously bright results with serious staying power – lasting up to an incredible 50 washes*. And when those punchy pigments are pastelised or do dim down, they fade true-to-tone, providing clients with wearable shades of the colour they signed up for, right through to their next appointment.

Suspended in a nourishing conditioner base, staino direct dyes don’t just turn up the volume when it comes to colour. The vegan, cruelty-free, sulphate, paraben and gluten-less formula helps to seal the cuticle, reduce frizz and add an enviable gloss, to really help shades shine.

Plus, the intensity of staino can be can be maintained between salon visits by sending clients home with a perfectly matched intense colour maintenance conditioner. So, go on make your mark… and maintain it.

*dependent on hair condition and shade, of course