Let’s get real

Angelo Vallillo, co-founder of new salon DNA ARTSPACE in Nottingham with Dale Hearne, explains why his team aren’t afraid to get real with colour clients

At DNA ARTSPACE colour is massive in every way; massive for profits and a massive problem, as clients just don’t seem to understand the progression that colour has taken.

Social media is amazing and as a brand we’re very strong on it. We believe that it’s the future, and if you’re not on board, as a business and as a creative, you will get left behind. However, the editing factor is killing us. Clients are coming in with unrealistic demands, and to be fair to them, it’s not their fault.

How are they to know that a colour going from dark to blonde takes maybe a full day or even three visits to the salon? And that the cost of such a transformation, when you think about the time and the colourist’s skill, is £300 or more? All that they see is a ‘before’ and an ‘after’ picture… and a filter. The colour they have been having over the last six years has been a tint and highlights coming in at £60 to £70. It’s down to us to educate our teams and clients on what’s what.

We must stop this practice of editing colours just so our Instagram feed looks amazing. At DNA ARTSPACE, we believe less is more and being honest with what we post on our salon Instagram (@dna_artspacesalon) is vital. Consultation has never been more important; before any colour service we have an in-depth discussion about what the client wants and we give them a programme of how we are going to achieve that result. No client is turned away, as we like to think we can achieve anything our clients want. But they are made aware of the price and the time it will take!

Condition is so important to us at DNA ARTSPACE that we offer treatments to get a client’s hair to a great state before we even colour. We have four Wella Professionals Master Colour Experts at our salon, as we need our colourists to have had the best training so we can give the best result. DNA ARTSPACE’s passion for education and developing our team gives us the confidence to express ourselves as artists and give our clients the best results. You have to be prepared to progress and be confident to tell your clients honestly that the craved-for colour isn’t going to happen today… but we can do it, and we must do it the right way!

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