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by | Oct 27, 2019 | Colour, Debate

Looking to boost your social media following, while educating and engaging clients? We asked some social savvy hairstylists for their top tips on maximising your digi potential

With the rise of Instagram showing no sign of stopping, sharing incredible colour work has become vital in order to boost your digital following and expand your business. While uploading examples of eye-catching looks or dramatic transformations will see high engagement, it can also make managing client expectations and knowledge of colour maintenance that little bit harder to negotiate.

It’s not all doom and gloom though! With exciting new features like live streams, polls and Q&As becoming easier to use than ever, it’s time to maximise your channels and engage with clients on a whole new level…

Hair by Samantha Cusick

Recently, the team at Samantha Cusick London have launched a weekly series on Instagram Stories which focuses on clients’ frequently asked questions. “When it comes to using my social channels to educate my clients, I approach it in the way I like to use Instagram as a consumer,” says Sam, founder of the salon. “I like to follow companies and influencers that give honest and credible advice, so that is exactly what I aim to do. It’s about making genuine product recommendations to them that I know work, rather than just endorsing for a quick financial gain.” 

When planning out your content, it’s also important to keep in mind who your audience is. “We are more consumer-focused in our approach, so it’s vital that we simplify terminology. For example, I use descriptive words for colours like ‘honey’ instead of formulas that clients wouldn’t understand,” Sam explains.

Hair by Samantha Marais

Similarly, Samantha Marais of the Schwarzkopf Professional Collective finds that keeping it simple works best when educating clients online about colours. “There is no point talking about colour numbers you have used when educating clients, as they aren’t hairdressers. Instead, I’ll mention the brand of colour or product, the range and shades I’m working with and the techniques used to create the look.” Rather than writing longer captions, Samantha prefers the use of videos – “I like to post videos of the entire colouring process, as I feel it’s much easier to absorb visuals than reading an essay.”

While IGTV is growing in popularity, Samantha also adds that her highest engagement or response comes from Instagram Stories and main feed posts showing a finish look. “If people see something they like, they tend to engage with the post by commenting with questions. When using Instagram Stories, people will send direct messages to ask questions or book an appointment to create something similar for them,” she explains.

Hair by Rebecca Jacques


Likewise, Instagram Stories can also be a great way of hosting Q&As for clients looking to learn more about colour maintenance. Rebecca Jacques of Bad Apple Hair in Birmingham says that “people feel more inclined to engage and share their opinion, which I then use to build future Instagram posts to help engage followers. It’s a trust situation as well – you’re the professional so they want to know your opinion and advice for their hair.”


Hair by Joanne O’Neill

So, what’s the one piece of advice to bear in mind when building your social channels? Wella Professionals Passionista Joanne O’Neill says, “Clients like information – they love stories and they love before and after looks. Keep it real and don’t filter colour. Be true to yourself and post your best work.”

“Engage, engage, ENGAGE,” urges Joanne’s fellow Passionista Tom Frear. “Get your followers talking, ask them questions, get them to ask you questions. Ask for client selfies, tag them in your posts, ask them to tag you. Sharing is caring and it’s the way forward for social!” Instagram’s algorithms are notoriously tricky, but for real numbers you need to remember it is a two-way street, rather than just sitting and waiting for people to discover you. “The more your online presence is present, the more people will start to come across your online account. It will rapidly grow your following and client base,” Tom adds.

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