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by | 8 Nov 2019

Fresh from our November issue, PAINT spoke to colourist Christabel Legrand about her collaborative collection with barber Luka Chitty

Featuring a futuristic grunge aesthetic mixed with bright colour combinations and precise cuts, Christabel Legrand and Luka Chitty have joined forces to create a collection which is an expression of change. Exclusive to PAINT, Christabel shares all about the shoot and how this dynamic duo came together…

“This collection is an expression of the change we feel is happening within both our industries,” explains colourist Christabel. “We’re seeing more ‘alternative’ looks becoming more mainstream, and a shift in barbers and hairdressers wanting to collaborate and work together.” 

Ahead of shooting the collection, the duo decided on creating a slightly more grunge look. “We explored brighter colour combinations with more intricate and precise cuts to push ourselves slightly further out of our comfort zones,” Christabel adds.  

Ahead of shooting the collection, the pair worked together to create the looks, with the first step being to create a clean canvas. “To start, I prepped all the models’ hair by lightening it using Blonde AF by Pulp Riot. Then Luka created the intricate cuts. Once Luka created his design, I then completed the colour work by following the patterns Luka had created in the hair.” 

“For some of the more intricate colour work, I had to get creative by switching my regular tint brushes for actual paint brushes of a smaller size – these work well when painting on shorter hair,” Christabel adds. Luka then finished each of the looks, adding texture and movement to the  precise lines.

For all the colours featured, Christabel used the Pulp Riot semi-permanent range. “I find they offer an incredible colour palate and all the shades intermixable, so you can make totally bespoke colour combinations,” she says.

“We always have an idea of how we want the models to look before we we start – we talk about how the colour and cut can compliment each other. Bringing both of our talents to the table and working collaboratively has enabled us to share our skills and create a vision we have both been working on for a while. It’s opened our eyes to new opportunities and exciting possibilities, so watch this space… 2020 is going to be a crazy year!” 

Christabel Legrand using Pulp Riot
Luka Chitty
Danny Williams
Pooch Purtill

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