Light it up

Boost clients’ tresses in half the time with wet-lights – the new luxe-lifting colour service from HARI’S HAIRDRESSERS

Searching for a way to brighten and restore shine without the damage? This new colour caring service gives hair long-lasting, natural results while lifting and lightening in half the time of regular highlights and lowlights. Developed by the HARI HAIRDRESSERS team of creative colourists, the wet-lights technique is ideal for over-processed blondes, brassy brondes or lack-lustre brunettes.

Francesca Dixon

Applied on wet strands, the technique ensures cuticles are open to restrict extreme damage while leaving the hair stronger, smoother and healthier looking. Using free hand painting, senior creative colourist Francesca Dixon explains that “wet-lights are painted on to wet hair to soften and break up a harsh hairline or regrowth, providing a halo of light that brightens up the overall colour.”

When creating the formula, Francesca uses a “tailored combination of L’Oréal Professionnel Studio Blond 9 Levels with L’Oréal Professionnel Smartbond, as it works as a nourishing and hydrating bleach formula and lifts cleaner.”  The colour is then applied around the hairline, or onto a few select pieces to break up the mid-lengths to ends.  Francesca adds: “we leave the colour on for five to 15 minutes maximum, depending on the client, and then apply our second step of Smartbond after rinsing for ultimate hydration.”

As a softer colour treatment, wet-lights works to give a more subtle finish, which Francesca suggests is “great for clients who have a heavy hairline or dark roots and want a quick fix, or even for clients who usually have their highlights done and want to extend their colour for a few extra weeks.”

Since launching in the salon, Francesca says that “clients have loved the introduction of wet-lights because of both the speed and the ability to improve hair health. Everyone is always on the go, especially during the festive season, so this is the perfect technique for people that just want to pop in during their lunch hour and get a beautiful colour enhancer, with results that last.”

“We’re seeing a big trend for ‘no colour colour’, with a demand for natural hair colour treatments which enhance clients’ existing colour. Francesca adds: “I recommend it to anyone who has ongoing colour treatments and is looking for an in-between service, but it is also fantastic for those with balayage or anyone looking to add subtle face framers, or to break up a one colour tint.”

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