Lipstick pastels with staying power

Create longer lasting fashion shades with help from from two-time It List winner, Grace Dalgleish, of Brooks & Brooks 

In a world of Instagram trends and viral TikTok videos, more and more clients are eager to experiment with their hair colour, with fashion shades like rose gold and quartz peach becoming regular requests. While such tones offer more creative colour opportunities, too often they can fade very fast, limiting their use in long-lasting colour work. Fortunately, award-winning colourist, Grace Dalgleish, has developed a technique which couples on-trend tones with results which stand the test of time.

The ‘lipstick pastel’ technique is ideal for clients who love pastel tones and would like them to stay fresh for longer. Created to help such shades hold their vibrancy, Grace shares how combining creative formulations and a permanent colour range can deliver long-lasting colour results with high shine.



STEP ONE: “Paint a global application with your copper formula. To create a filtered copper shade, you want to add an iridescent reflect shade to your chosen vibrant red shade.”

STEP TWO: “Dry the hair to check for even colour result.”

STEP THREE: “Forget your colour brush, all your need is your comb and a visual eye. Visually comb the lightener onto the hair to create blended colour pops. This is super visual and fun, and the result is super seamless.”

STEP FOUR: “Time to get creative – mix your tone of choice. I chose to work with a Majirel 8.04 and .26 to create a rose hue over my copper canvas. This added shine and connected the light and dark contrast together creating a melted gradient of colour.” 

STEP FIVE: “There’s no right or wrong with this technique, it’s all about stepping out of your comfort zone, being visual and having fun. Each time you do this technique your result will be different and that’s what I love. If you want this look to be slightly more translucent, switch your permanent range to a semi-gloss. This will create more of a ‘lip gloss’ filter that will feel lighter.” 


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