Living in a box

What’s in the box? Let’s find out with Revlon Professional global influencer John Vial and his client, the multi-hyphenate Scarlett Cannon

When you have writer/style icon/model/muse Scarlett Cannon in your chair, you’re not going to just do a half head of highlights. So what did Sloane Square’s John Vial,  Revlon Professional global influencer, come up with for her most recent visit? “With Scarlet, we’re always thinking outside the box with her hair so we decided: why not create a box on her hair?!” Indeed – here’s how to box clever with a bit of colour…

Step 1

Apply soft Lightener on the mid-lengths and ends for 10/15 mins to cleanse hair and remove unwanted tones.

Step 2

Create a base for the Nutri Color Crème by using Soft Toner 10.02 for five mins

Step 3

To create the colour block effect use stationary sections and layer colour. First apply Nutri Color Crème 190 to the square only.

Step 4

Apply Nutri Color Cream 1002 and 1022 to all the remaining hair not in the square for 10 mins.

Hair: John Vial, Revlon Professional global influencer and Clare Holmes, Revlon Professional Education