“Look what I did!”

PAINTER Patrick McDougall, art director at Rainbow Room International’s George Square Salon, shares his look from the recent Art Team show at the salon group’s 29th Annual Congress

My look

Post-punk adaption of the classic Chelsea style. Shorn short through the crown while creating an uneven, haphazard texture.

My Inspiration and references

Inspiration came from what’s happening right now in fashion. For me, we are moving away from defined, specific trends in hair and towards more varied movements. This is driven both by social media and runway trends.

Looking at what’s happening on the shows too, more and more it’s about personalised looks being created for each girl. Everything is moving more towards Individualism, and I wanted to depict an extreme version of my model Lucy’s individuality here.

In terms of references, I looked heavily at Derek Ridgers work (pictured, above) and what was happening at the Batcave during the ‘80s. I wanted the cut to have a roughness to it, a haphazard texture with echoes of the iconic Chelsea girl shape.

My model

Lucy was perfect for this. I found her on Instagram completely by chance and she has been a bit of a muse for me since, featuring in shoots, shows and presentations. Although diminutive in height, Lucy makes up for it in presence and for me has a really sick look.

The prep

There were thankfully no hiccups but that’s all about getting the prep right. It can be challenging with doing such a colour heavy show but we try and negate this as much as possible by each person taking responsibility for their own model’s colour and always setting a clear brief so we achieve the necessary synergy between the looks to achieve a balance that works as a collection. This time it was all about colour blocking and personalised mixes of the shades. We wanted to move away from more intricate, technique led application to something more unfussy by blocking the shades to create high impact looks.

In terms of my own colour, it’s a classic bleach and tone, which for me will stay big for the foreseeable future. I pre lightened my models hair using a low level developer combined with pre lightener to produce a controlled lift ensuring the integrity of the hair remained intact. Then I mixed yellow and white direct colours together to create a tailored mix before blocking the full head with the mix.

All the Art Team looks

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