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PAINTER Sarah Black is back with the perfect technique to add interest to natural colour, or to help a client embrace their greys

“Mallen streaks have been one of the hottest colour trends over the last year or two. Whether a client is looking to add a little interest to their natural shade, or to experiment with colour on a blonde, it’s been a must-have in salons and on celebs!

Now, for the first time EVER, our 100 per cent white clients have four months minimum of regrowth, and have the opportunity to embrace the grey, without necessarily going the whole nine yards. This is perfect for the client that wants a more low maintenance look and is happy to welcome those greys, but isn’t ready to ditch the tint just yet.

After years of onyx black locks, Michelle Visage is the prime example of this. She is rocking a hint of her natural colour by introducing a silver mallen streak, which sits in front of her signature black, and it looks so good!



My client has been (reluctantly) lightening her dark tint over the last couple of years for a lower maintenance life. After seeing her beautiful, natural silver growing in over the past five months, she wanted a way to own it, without losing all her depth.

We decided to keep it high contrast for a bit of drama, so I created a gorgeous silver to sit over the parting section, with a cool, dark tone to sit underneath it. Through the sides I wanted a little diffusion, so alternated woven pieces of the silver and dark. Think Christina Aguilera circa 2002 . . . but EXPENSIVE!”


  • Paint – L’Oréal Professionnel Blond Studio 9 levels + 20vol, L’Oréal Professionnel DIA Richesse 5.01 + 9vol
  • Toned – L’Oréal Professionnel DIA Richesse 25g .11 + L’Oréal Professionnel DIA Light 12g 7.12 + 15vol


  • Back to back heavy balayage through the top to lift old tint, and blend into the natural root
  • Woven highlights and lowlights through the side hairline.
  • Depth added underneath to deepen and cover old tint, without covering the natural regrowth

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