Meet Lauren McCowan

Lauren McCowan

Where does your passion for hair stem from?
I have a passion for creativity and impacting positively on others. It just so happens that hair is the medium that I choose to do this in. I think everyone has a passion for something, mine just happens to be about creativity, people and art – in any form.

Talk us through your favourite colour technique.
When I construct a colour, I always think about how it will age for the person wearing it, so colours that evolve and grow out beautifully are always a big win for me. My favourite technique for light painting is to work in circular sections, starting around the hairline and working towards the crown. By following the hairline and natural shape of the skull, the colour swings, moves and melts together seamlessly. It creates colour that is higher and brighter at the face, but works from any angle a person could dream of styling their hair. It grows out beautifully, and allows my clients to get longevity from their colour.

What has been the highlight of your career so far?
It’s impossible to pinpoint just the one! Firstly, to write and develop education, then travel the world teaching it to like-minded hairdressers has to be one of the most rewarding things. I’ve been a four-time finalist for Session Stylist of the year, and five-time finalist for Educator of the Year. I’ve travelled the globe headlining hair shows, and been hair director at New York Fashion Week across multiple seasons, and at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia for the last seven years.

Developing products and brands designed for the hairdresser first has been a huge opportunity and highlight for me. But most importantly, working with some of my best friends all over the globe. I am all about empowering hairdressers to better understand themselves, each other and their clients… so seeing all of that come to life makes everything worth it.

If you weren’t working in the hair industry, what would you be doing?
I would definitely still be in a creative industry – probably as an art director. I love conceptualising and bringing a whole picture together. However, my role is so varied and I work across so many different facets of the industry that I can’t really imagine myself doing anything else. It is such an important industry that connects with people. In the digital age, the impact hairdressing has on people, and the emotional connection it brings, what we do is more important than ever.

Why evo?
Because evo is as crazy as I am! I have very high standards for the tools and products that help to facilitate my craft and I’ve never used a brand that has so many possibilities. To be matter of a fact, evo makes me a better stylist because I have the tools to give me results and help me pass that knowledge over to the client. We are a serious brand with a serious mission, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Humour is one of the most important emotions when connecting with other people… that’s evo.

How do you describe your style… personally and as a hair stylist? My personal style is eternal black and red lipstick, with a dash of vintage Chanel. My style as a hair stylist is eclectic. As a cutter, I’m obsessed with form and precision, and simplistic lines. As a colourist, I am into free-flowing watercolour, looking at the hair as art. As an editorial stylist, I am into clashing textures and shapes, underlying architectural form with effortless finishes.

What does 2020 have in store for you?
Lots of amazing collaborations with great people – we have some big things coming from evo so keep an eye out. For me personally, it is about carving out the time to make sure I am always growing and feeding my own creativity. This is something every hairdresser needs to do; make sure you put your first creativity every day, even if it’s just a little bit so that you are looking after your own wellbeing. This is how you always give your clients your best.

What is your go-to evo product?
macgyver multi-use mousse is such a unique and versatile product. It helps shape and mould hair without being too starchy or sticky which makes it amazing for ponytails, slick-back looks and perfectly moulded finger waves. Having the ability to blow-dry the product in and restyle with hot tools, to put in the hair wet and dry and still be able to move it around is unparalleled.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
“Next time you’re afraid to share ideas, remember someone once said in a meeting ‘Let’s make a film with a tornado full of sharks.’”

Who would be your ultimate hair model and what would you do to them?
Linda Evangelista: the ultimate chameleon. I wouldn’t do anything without her collaboration. I would love to be in a room and get into her mind, her style, and create something amazing together. You can’t recreate iconic moments but the collaboration between her and Julien d’Ys when he cut off her hair is one of the all-time great hair moments.

What do you want the whole world to know about you?
I think a good sense of humour and a compassionate heart are the two most important things a person can have. Fun and heart people, fun and heart. There’s no point doing anything unless you have a good time and you care.