Meet the first ever colourist to win The It List Fashionista award

Mads-Sune Lund Christensen – Redken global color creative director Josh Wood’s first assistant – has travelled around the world assisting on big name fashion shows such as Marc Jacobs and Alexander Wang. Here he discusses how he made it, and what his It List win means not just for him, but colourists as a collective…

L-R: Redken for Versace S/S17, Love magazine S/S18, Redken for Marc Jacobs S/S18

Going into hairdressing was a complete coincidence really. I was thinking about going down a more academic route, but I didn’t feel ready to commit to sitting still! I wanted to be an engineer but wasn’t totally sure, so I thought about taking a gap year. However, my dear Mom signed me up to an introduction to hairdressing course – I skipped it for the first week (until she caught me out and made me go) and I have never looked back!

As soon as I finished my hairdressing course in the Danish countryside, I packed my bags and moved to Copenhagen to explore what the industry had to offer. After working on everything from Denmark’s Next Top Model, The Voice, Fashion Week, editorial and commercial work, I started to feel a bit restless, so when my boyfriend got a job offer in London it seemed like the time was right to explore.

I knew of Josh Wood since he used to be the global ambassador for a colour company I assisted a lot back in Denmark. Once I’d settled into London and needed more creative challenges, he was the one I called. We both share a lot of the same values when it comes to colour and work ethic, so being his first assistant never really feels like a job. I have such a huge respect for him, so it’s amazing that he has my back and guides me along the way.

L-R: Redken for Alexander Wang /S18, The Sunday Times Style

There have been so many highlights in my career so far! I don’t think I can pick one over another; every single one of them has given me something invaluable on a personal or professional level.

We brought colour back to the runway at the Marc Jacobs S/S18 show, with big statement colours created on the girls own hair. Marc wanted the girls to own the colour without the usual use of wigs and extensions. It was a truly amazing experience working super close with Guido making sure the colours and cuts complemented the outfits.

As the catwalks are pushing for more, we’re now on the cusp of a new era of colour. People are already asking to spice up their colour to match an outfit for a specific dress or purse. Colour is becoming a bit more specific and people are not afraid to play around. That all translates back to suddenly having better products that allow for more creativity without compromising condition. Salon colour has been much more neutral and natural of late; people want to look much more like a better version of themselves, almost like they haven’t seen a colourist.

Winning the It List Fashionista title has been AMAZING – I don’t think it can be explained using any other words. I didn’t really prepare myself for what it actually involves – I am used to working so hard and used to jumping from project to project but being able to stand back and reflect on what I have accomplished so far has been surreal. Every day is champagne day at the moment – I’m trying very hard to get through all the gifts I have received!


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