Mistakes? We’ve all been there…

by | 1 Oct 2019

Across PAINT online you’ll see our resident PAINTERS sharing everything from techniques to formulas to client advice. We asked them what was the scariest moment they’ve faced with colour… and how did they handle the situation? Come on, we’ve all been there…

Making her PAINTER debut, Linton & Mac’s colour expert Sarah Black shares her experiences…

“I can say with confidence I’ve had a few scary colour moments in my career, but there is one that’s fresh in my memory as it only happened a few weeks ago! I have a bleach and tone client I’ve been working with for a few years now, we’ve experimented with silvers and greys, but for a couple of years she’s been white.

I see her every few months and we do a long regrowth bleach, her hair is super-light so it lifts like a dream. She came in a few weeks ago and while I was dealing with other clients, I had an assistant mix her toner ready for me to apply. As the toner oxidises it always looks fearfully dark, but that’s something I’ve learned not to be scared of, ironically!

Little did I know there had been a mix up with some colour boxes and tubes and a base 4 plum had been mixed into my toner by mistake instead of pure tone. *INSERT SCREAM HERE!* So the beautiful white my client loves is now purple!




Of course, I explained the whole situation to her so there was no whispering or panicked energy making her feel on edge. And so began the cleanse and retoning process! The result, without adding more bleach, was going to be warmer, so I left her with a really soft peach and planned a (free) home care routine with another appointment to get it back to white.

By the correction appointment she was actually enjoying the tone and wanted to embrace going proper peach. Human error happens so keep calm, think logically and use your knowledge. Most of all, remember that there is a person under that head of hair, so be honest and tactful.”

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