Moodboard to masterpiece – Sarah Black

by | May 14, 2018 | Colour, Colour Techniques

We don’t know about you, but we find the creative process fascinating. The twists and turns an inquisitive mind takes, the flashes of inspiration that shape the journey, and how influences meld to produce a glittering finished result. We spoke to Linton & Mac colour expert ( and LCT17 champion) Sarah Black about how she moulded ideas through from moodboard to final look for her L’Oréal ID Artist audition…

“My inspiration journey normally starts off with a single image that inspires me. Creative make up often plays a big part in this.”

“I then work on developing and researching the idea. In this case, I was heavily inspired by street art from around the world because there was a festival focusing on the scene running in my home city.”

“Moodboard-ing really helps me to visualise the look as it begins to come together. I like to keep the range of inspirations down to a minimum so that it doesn’t become confusing and too diluted. Trying to cover and achieve too many things in one concept can be overwhelming to the eye and the idea can easily become lost.”

I tried out various techniques to create the graphic look I was aiming for, experimenting with stencilling and hand painting. At this stage, I also started playing with colour combinations.”

“For this look in particular, I kept the hair was super simplistic. I added a light pastel tone, to emulate a clean canvas, and focused on the colour intensity of the script. Imperfections and minor bleeds in the colour blend added a rawness that I feel ties in with my initial gritty and weathered street art inspirations.”

Sarah Black

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