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by | 13 Feb 2018

Brushes to sunsets, what is Casey ‘gramming right now?

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On a shoot for Spectrum Collections make-up brushes

The first one is of a model that I coloured on a shoot for Spectrum Collections (make-up brushes). Her hair was completely and utterly buggered! I couldn’t really lighten her roots because her hair was in such poor condition. So instead, I used three different kinds of pink, and created a dishevelled three-tiered colour. Using a hot pink on the root, I then chose a pink for the ends through the crown and parting, and a baby pink through the ends everywhere else.

From my #MWIT17 Colour Expert finalist collection, based on colours found in skylines or sunsets

The whole collection was based on colours found in skylines or sunsets, and this particular colour was inspired by the soft greens you spot within the Northern Lights. I created a crooked radial section, took the top half and tightly placed that out of the way. With the underneath, I used both a mint green and evergreen and created a hidden “dip-dye”, bringing back Christina Aguilera 2001 music video realness!


Stage work in the Ukraine

I was doing a show for a colour brand, and one of our models didn’t show up, so we ended up using one of the staff members that was helping us! This was a simple ‘lighten and tone” model, creating a fresh palette that complemented her skin tone and would stand out on any stage!

#TBT 2015 – the inspiration was a japanese warrior with an Alexander McQueen twist

The fourth image is of me doing hair at an audition in 2015 (bit of a throwback). Now, creating this colour was both hilarious and absolutely terrible! We were in a hostel in London the night before, surrounded by bunk beds, with masking tape across my poor model’s face to ensure the colour was balanced on both sides. If I remember correctly, it took me four attempts to get the colour exactly how I wanted it! The dusty rose was quite a popular colour at the time and I have to say, it was killer!


Inspired by that small amount of blue sky piercing though dull, grey, overcast clouds

Another image from my Most Wanted 17 Colour Expert finalist collection. This particular colour was inspired by that small amount of blue sky piercing though dull, grey, overcast clouds. The model is a good friend of mine, and she completely rocks this look! With the colour, I took two crooked sections across the hairline, and used a dusty blue and city smoke grey on top of the pre lightened sections. I love this so much that it has become my salon’s main image.

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