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by | 13 Feb 2018

Sophia Hilton shares a handful of her heavenly grams from her Insta feed at @hiltonsophia and @notanothersalon

Not Another Social media course

I receive about five to 10 messages a day from people that follow me asking for advice. And while it’s a lot of work I reply to them all. It’s really hard to be honest, especially when I have a baby, a salon, 16 staff and an academy. It’s about an hour out of my day, every day. But what can I do? People shouldn’t be ignored. The same questions come up again and again and they are either about business (I always send those to my business adviser, Simon Harris, who does mentoring programmes), career advice or about social media. The social media questions have become so frequent, I thought I just had to put on a course. But this is no ordinary course. I’m hiring a warehouse in East London, having a DJ play and I’m doing everything in my power to make this the Disneyland of seminars! If you’re interested click HERE

My shoes… and chatting about why I’m doing ‘my vibes’

Just so you all know, I’m doing ‘today’s vibes’ because I’m so sick of spending time dressing nicely and then rushing to work and never having evidence! Wearing clothes is like doing hair – you do something really creative that can never last. I guess that’s why I love wig work, finally a piece of art I create that I can keep. But perhaps something is more special when it has an end? This is so dramatic, but I’ve always felt that death is one of the most precious things in a humans life. I believe it is only because our life is time bound, that it is special. Without an ‘end’ we would never need to try to achieve anything, because there would always be another day. We’d never reconcile the row with that family member, or make time for those that matter in time of need. It’s time (or the lack of it) that gives value to all that we do. Yes, (she concludes!), an end really does make something beautiful.

Today’s vibes…

So this outfit is yellow, yellow and more yellow. I do get a lot of questions on ‘why yellow?’ so I’ll try to explain. One summer about four years ago I just went mad and tried lots of colours out, but I didn’t really love any of them. But on the final try, the very moment John Alec Clarke pulled off that towel to show my brand new highlighter yellow hair, I just knew it was for life. It was such an under-used colour at the time and I hate popularity. I was actually red for three years until Rihanna coloured hers. Someone said to me ‘oh you’ve gone Rihanna red’.’ I went home that night with a tube of black dye, took it to a cheap salon next door to my house one Sunday morning and asked her to apply it. I’ll be damned if anyone ever thinks I’ve copied a celebrity!

Later today vibes…

In this one I’m wearing a model’s wig on set for a campaign I worked on for Crazy Color. Creating colour for a campaign is different to creating colour for a competition. It’s not about you, it’s about them. It’s about making an image that sells, not trying to shoehorn your skills in there. We chose to do a lot of block colouring with strong lines. Nothing complicated, just strong images. Your head must remain firmly in what the client wants, not just what makes you look good.

Today’s vibes…

So this is me trying a selfie again. I’m so s**t at it. I just hate pictures up close. But it’s embarrassing asking people to take a picture of you, isn’t it?  In the background we’re prepping the wigs for the shoot. Have you ever tried to colour a wig? What a bloody nightmare. They don’t colour evenly; nearly every wig we do we have to colour twice. There isn’t really a secret to it, just use a lot of product and have patience. We usually just do cheap wigs from our local supplier and lots of wefts and turn a ratty £80 disaster into a £600 belter!

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