My Journey – Lexie Shay Rabbett

A driving force of PAINT is the hope that colourists will collaborate and share with each other, working together as a collective to boost skills, services and technical confidence… and we have our talented panel on hand to get the party started. Online and here, this council of colourists will contribute ideas, opinions, formulas, techniques and so much more. As the newest squad member, allow us to introduce… Guest PAINTER, Lexie Shay Rabbett, a star of Pulp Riot’s Riot Squad

“Hiya! My name is Lexie Shay Rabbett – you’ll find me @hair_by_lexieshay on Instagram, and I’m a Guest PAINTER, so thought you might like to know a little bit about me?”


Lexie with Guy Tang

“I’m here to tell you about how a starry eyed, small town Aussie gal started living her career goals. I moved to the UK from Cairns about two and a half years ago, and am now living in Leeds. I was a colour educator for a global company and was living a very comfortable life in Australia, but I wanted more. We all have those artists we follow on Instagram that we look up to and want to be when we grow up. I decided that continuing on the same path wasn’t going to make me the next Hooker & Young! So, I saved up and off I travelled…

I came to the UK thinking I knew it all. Young and confident. HA! I was so wrong. I went to a trade show and met some of my hair idols – I even cried when I met Guy Tang! Yeah, I know what you’re thinking… I cringe myself. Going there on my own made me speak to people that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise.

A few months went by, and by this point I was working in a boutique salon in Leeds when one day a box arrived. Pulp Riot had sent me a box of colour to play with. “We found you on Instagram and we love what you do! We can’t wait to see what you create with these” the note said. I thought they had made a mistake; surely this Aussie girl hadn’t been noticed by one of the biggest colour companies in the world? Little did I know that this box would change my life forever.

I was invited to London to the official UK launch where I met the owners, David and Alexis Thurston (who are the nicest people in the universe by the way).  A few weeks passed and I receive another box, which said “WELCOME TO THE FAMILY! Welcome to the Riot Squad!” Yes, I cried (again). Don’t judge!

The Riot Squad is a team of artists who express individuality and celebrate it! Pulp Riot put the power back into the hands of the artists. I have a family of people who are as passionate and as mental as I am, and we cause a Riot! We’ve been on main stages at trade shows doing mental hair in front of thousands of people, and on a road show all over the country.

Since then, so many more opportunities have arisen. I’ve contributed  to magazines, became an ambassador and educator for other amazing brands and am now part of the @hair_slayerz community. There’s so many more collaborations and classes coming up with well established artists from all over the UK and I can’t wait.

This squad to me is more than just creating amazing hair. It’s the greatest family I’ve ever known. At the beginning of this year, the world was made aware of my home country burning – it effected my family and many others horrifically. I was in the worst mental state of my life and felt completely helpless. I reached out to these guys and every single one donated as much as they could, as well as sharing on their social channels to raise awareness. I am forever grateful to Pulp Riot and the Squad. If you also wish to donate, please click here.

The point of this story that I’m sharing with you is this – who cares where you come from or what other people think? No matter how big or small your dreams are, they are possible! You just need to take that first step. As soon as you do, run full steam ahead until you get what you desire. Work your heart out and keep going; sometimes you will want to quit but keep at it. I promise you, it is worth it!”

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