My Journey – Loretta Marie

by | 1 Jun 2020

A driving force of PAINT is the hope that colourists will collaborate and share with each other, working together as a collective to boost skills, services and technical confidence… and we have our talented panel on hand to get the party started. Online and here, this council of colourists will contribute ideas, opinions, formulas, techniques and so much more. As the newest team player, allow us to introduce… Guest PAINTER, Loretta Marie, a star of Pulp Riot’s Riot Squad

“At the start of my hairdressing career, I was the girl to come to for hair ups and styling. I mean, not on a large scale. I was college educated and working at a local salon in a pretty small suburban town on the outskirts of Edinburgh. Even back then, with my pink/ purple/ whatever colour I had topped up my bleached panels with that week, I must have given out a ‘misfits welcome’ kind of vibe.

My column would be predominantly full with big, backcombed half up hairstyles or bouncy blowdries but every so often, I’d attract the teenagers looking to experiment with vibrant colours, just like I had. There they would be – walking about the otherwise calm, local town, rocking a leopard print undercut or half and half hair colour, inspired by the hair of Hayley Williams from the band Paramore.

From there, I worked at another couple of salons where I focused on wedding hair and hair styling. That is until I found what I really loved… colouring!

Fast forward 10 years and I’ve opened my own creative colour studio in Edinburgh city centre – kicking it with the best bunch of misfits you’ve ever met. The Pulp Riot RIOT SQUAD!

Since the first invite came through for the Pulp Riot ‘Starting the Riot’ event to meet the bosses Alexis and David Thurston, my life has been a total blur!

From there I got invited to Pulp Riot’s first UK Lab day to learn techniques from badass creative colour queens Ruby Devine,  Samantha Smith-Daly and Kasey O’Hara, which was the best day ever. Then through the post came my Riot Squad Box (okay, that might have been the best day ever!)

I’ve been able to learn from the best in the business and create some awesome hair alongside them. I’ve represented on stage at the Pulp Riot road show and get to frequently visit the L’Oréal Professional Products Division headquarters in London to keep up with my education and keep my skills fresh. I now have amazing artists from across the UK and beyond that I can call my friends – I can call upon them for help with any hair disaster that walks through my studio door.

In this business you can achieve anything you want to achieve. Just keep pushing for what you want, and never stop putting the work in.”

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