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by | Feb 13, 2018 | Artists, Colour

A driving force of PAINT is the hope that colourists will collaborate and share with each other, working together as a collective to boost skills, services and technical confidence… and we have our talented panel on hand to get the party started. Online and here, this council of colourists will contribute ideas, opinions, formulas, techniques and so much more. Allow us to introduce… PAINTER, Patrick McDougall

For me it’s a been a massive journey to get to this point. I think looking back even 10 years, before hairdressing, when I was an apprentice joiner, it would have been so hard to imagine this is where I’d be at. I don’t think I really went looking for a career in hairdressing; it found me and it’s just taken off from there.

I owe a lot to Rainbow Room International, I’ve been there my entire career and this is where things first started to click for me. Being part of the Rainbow Room International Art Team and also the Schwarzkopf Young Artistic Team for a couple of years has been really big for me, as it helped me break out of the salon and broaden my horizons.

I’ve been privileged to spend some of my time assisting Duffy on shows like Berluti, Rick Owens and Y3 across London, Paris and Milan. Being part of his team has been a great experience and it’s been unbelievable to spend time under the tutelage of my hair hero, and has already helped shape my future ambitions and me as a hairdresser.

Although I also cut, colour has always been a massive part of what I do and of what Rainbow Room International does. I think having an appreciation of what colour can do is the first step to harnessing its power, it’s worked for me – I am now one of Scotland’s busiest hairdressers!”

My colouring hack

Sometimes I like to utilise a couple of items I have lying around when colouring hair. Normal household sponges are amazing for applying a shadow root while toning. Use old scissor to tailor the sponge to the exact size of root you are looking for, then work through section by section, sponging onto the root. This works great when adding some depths to blondes, as it gives a nice uniformity at the root that works well when you are creating a subtle change.


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