My journey – Sarah Black

by | 9 Feb 2018

A driving force of PAINT is the hope that colourists will collaborate and share with each other, working together as a collective to boost skills, services and technical confidence… and we have our talented panel on hand to get the party started. Online and here, this council of colourists will contribute ideas, opinions, formulas, techniques and so much more. As the newest squad member, allow us to introduce… PAINTER, Sarah Black, 2019 It Girl

“As a young kid I always spoke about being a hairdresser. I don’t really know where this came from, but I was obsessed with setting my grandad’s Homer Simpson hair into rollers! 

When it came to starting my apprenticeship, I knew that I wanted to go on to do session work and be on every backstage team. Then, when I got a taste of that reality I realised it actually wasn’t for me, so back to the drawing board!

Fast forward a few years and after a two year stint in Asia, my passion was reignited and I had my eye on the world of colour…

At the start of 2017 I knew it was time to propel myself into our industry outside of the salon. One L’Oréal Colour Trophy entry later, and the rest seems to be history!

That platform changed everything for me. It’s been a crazy two years and I’m so excited for what the future holds…”

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