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A driving force of PAINT is the hope that colourists will collaborate and share with each other, working together as a collective to boost skills, services and technical confidence… and we have our talented panel on hand to get the party started. Online and here, this council of colourists will contribute ideas, opinions, formulas, techniques and so much more. Allow us to introduce… PAINTER, Sophia Hilton

I didn’t know I would end up being a colourist, I used to love both cutting and colouring. When I was 21 I interviewed at Brooks & Brooks and when Sally said I would have to choose, I think a little bit of me died. It was someone asking me to walk away from half of my job. I said I could never choose myself and asked to trade test for both… and she actually chose cutting! Sally was a cutter, so she could take me under her wing, and I’ll be forever grateful, it was the making of me. Once I started doing shows with her and Jamie, I was the only person that could colour. So naturally I would end up prepping the models and it started to push my skills. But it was only after winning L’Oréal Colour Trophy that I realised I was any good at it. I had the idea of doing a ‘mid band’ of colour, which Sally said she’d seen before at Trevor Sorbie – but I’d never seen it. Anyway, after a lot of pushing, I got my own way- I think I was pretty hard to manage. I was even rebellious on the day; Sally had asked me to curve the hair, but I wanted it straight. I could see her eyes widening as I softened out the curve on the competition floor. God I can see it now, I’ve got anxiety just thinking about it! I think this was also when the team finally started to respect me for colour. At this point I was only a level one colourist and wasn’t allowed to scalp bleach or colour change. I guess I’ve always blagged it, but that was the start of actually deserving it.


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