Are you up for a mystery makeover?

by | Apr 6, 2020 | Artists, Colour

Guest PAINTER Lexie Shay Rabbett shares how she is keeping creative while at home, including a #PulpRiotMysteryMakeover for fellow Riot Squad members

“I know we’re all getting that sick feeling in the pit of our stomachs for when clients come back from isolation with a box dye colour. I also used to have the same feeling when clients wanted to change vivid colours every single appointment. Yeah… I used to, but not anymore! Want to know why?

Have you ever used Pulp Riot’s Blank Canvas? This miracle product has saved my life, and many of my clients’ hair. When using the Pulp Riot semi-permanents line all of your worries will disappear – Blank Canvas will easily and safely remove even the bluest of blue, and won’t make the purples leave a greeny mint behind for you to deal with! I know, too good to be true? Well ‘ya gal ain’t lying! No more limited colours for you client – you can go from warm to cool, or cool to warm colours, without having to stress about any weird underlying pigments.

You simply mix 1 part Blank Canvas to 3 parts developer, either 6vol or 10vol depending on how strong the pigment, develop for up to 25 minutes, but you can see results within five minutes. It acts THAT fast! I’d suggest it is best to wait at least two weeks after the vivid service for best results. The white formula allows the colour lifting process to be easily seen, and therefore controlled. The vegan formula is powered by quinoa, argon oil, coconut oils, linseed oils and sorbitol. It also helps the hair stay nourished and hydrated during the colour removal process, and helps with the strength and lustre of the hair fibres. Believe me, it leaves the hair incredibly shiny! Shampoo it out and you’re ready for your next masterpiece!

So now you’re thinking ‘WOW! Why haven’t I got this in my arsenal?’ Don’t stress – you can buy this from either Salons Direct, Alan Howard, Capital Hair or Aston & Fincher online. Can’t wait for your mind to be blown!

While in quarantine, I’ve also decided to make myself a little challenge – the #PulpRiotMysteryMakeover. This is going to help keep me on my toes and keep my brain cells buzzin’. You know that box that we all have full of half tubes in the back of the cupboard? Well,  I’m going to create a look from those to encourage me to create new formulas. I’m going to use combinations that I wouldn’t have even thought of on my best mate from Australia, who is stuck in isolation with me. We’re filming it for her YouTube channel – Brooke Lagana, aka The Wellness Rookie – and we’ll be reviewing all vegan and cruelty-free products, which sits in FABULOUSLY with Pulp Riot!

The videos will also will be on my IGTV, so make sure you check it out and tag me @hair_by_lexieshay and so we can see your challenge results!

Have fun and stay #StayAtHome! Love Lex xx”

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