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When access to the salon becomes threatened, it’s time to put a new plan into action to secure colour appointments that offer results designed to grow out. We’re talking next-level natural colour.

Lockdown has left clients re-assessing their colour options – we’ve heard of clients embracing the time indoors to let their natural greys take hold, or of perennial blondes realising they don’t mind their naturally darker hues after all. All of this, of course, sends alarm bells ringing for colourists. But does it have to? Can colourists capitalise on the low-maintenance trend and natural-looking hair colour results to ensure profitability? Of course!

Next-level natural colour is your key to continued success. “Think of this trend as a filter for your clients’ hair. It’s their own colour but much, much better,” agrees Brian McCallum, owner of Roar Hair and Beauty salons. For blondes, it’s a scattering of babylights throughout the top and front of the hair – “maintenance will be minimal, perfect for clients who want people to question whether their hair is coloured or not!” – and brunettes are the focus of glossing services alongside a cut and blow-dry.

Assess your service offerings and colour tools to ensure you have something to offer to natural-loving clients. Schwarzkopf Professional’s comprehensive IGORA line contains colour formulas designed for everything from mature hair (IGORA Royal Absolutes) to fashion colours which fade true-to-tone and don’t require constant upkeep (IGORA Royal Fashion Lights) and colour in just 10 minutes (IGORA Color 10).

Schwarzkopf Professional IGORASchwarzkopf Professional

“Having essentially been forced into a colour detox with salons closed, we’ve noticed clients want a look that appears effortless at all times,” says F&M Hairdressing creative director, Kevin Paul Finnell. “Bronde shades are a celebrity favourite and have never gone out of style. It’s a lot lower maintenance, and perfect for those who can’t decide whether to go light or dark. It’s a good way to introduce clients to colour and is also much kinder to the hair than a full head of bleach.” Turns out celebs are just like us after all!


The new Balayage Blueprint education from L’Oréal Professionnel Paris lays out how to capitalise on this huge trend for all clients; always natural-looking hair colour designed for growth, no matter whether they want a subtle or bold transformation. Most importantly, the blueprint establishes an evolving pattern of regular appointments.

Siobhan Jones, co-owner of Rose & Wild, worked with the L’Oréal Professionnel Paris team in designing this blueprint, noting that: “If we’re doing big changes to the hair every time we colour it, it can be damaging. Doing little top-ups that are going to make the colour look more natural is kinder on the hair, and they’re going to be quicker in the salon.”

L’Oréal Professionnel Paris

“There are still ways we can profit from clients deciding to opt for more natural-looking hair colour,” agrees Suzie McGill, international artistic director at Rainbow Room International. After all, a client opting to grey gracefully will need a helping hand to get there, she says: “They need to do this gradually, booking in for regular cuts or for a more transformational cut to go grey quicker.”

Suzie also points to low-level colour services to start with, such as highlights or babylights, along with toners to get their desired grey hue. “They may find their natural hair colour to be a lot duller in appearance due to it lacking pigment. Toners, as well as treatments in the salon, are great services to promote to these clients to keep their hair looking healthy and the colour glossy and vibrant,” she adds.

Wella Professionals’ Grey Blending services are designed to be adaptable to your different grey clients, from those easing into it to those who want to really amp up their silver siren appeal. Provide clients with numerous options and comprehensive consultations to ensure you’re not losing that client’s previous colour spending. Peter Mellon, salon director at Medusa Hairdressing, has seen a rise in grey services – and is embracing it. “It’s opened up a whole new colour service, allowing us to introduce a plan consisting of Illumina glossing, lowlights, highlights, clear glossing and Color Touch glossing,” he explains.

Wella Professionals Grey Blending

Worrying about loss of profit is to miss the opportunity at hand, says Philip Bell, owner of Ishoka Hair & Beauty. “You should help clients embrace their natural colour and encourage them to look at other services such as glossing, toners and nourishing conditioning treatments. Not only are they quicker services, but you can make a large profit on these shorter appointments and it shows that you are helping the client during stressful times.”

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