Naturally beautiful colour with ASP Kitoko

Water pollution has become a huge topic of conversation in recent years. Microplastics caught everyone’s attention early, but the dumping of chemicals and dyes from the fast fashion industry has also come under scrutiny recently – will it be long until the beauty industry comes under the spotlight again?

The chemicals in hair dye don’t sit well with a rising number of eco-conscious clients. Building an awareness of more plant-based alternatives to offer clients is one way to protect any faltering interest in colour services.

Enter ASP Luxury Haircare and the new Kitoko Botanical Colour. This plant-based colour range keeps the same dedication to botanical blends and luxurious finishes as the rest of the brand’s products.  The rich new colours are created with natural dyes, formulated with 87 per cent to 100 per cent organic ingredients. They’re also vegan and gluten-free, for any clients whose dietary requirements affect their choices.

Simply mix the pre-blended shades with water for beautiful, damage-free results that last for up to 20 washes – and you can still expect up to 100 percent white coverage. Naturally, we’re intrigued…

You can discover more about the ASP Kitoko Botanical Colour collection here.