‘Neonhair’ by Carol Bruguera

by | Aug 6, 2018 | Collections, Colour, Lookbook

This dualist collection shuns single-hued hair, not only with the use of bold colour combinations, but also by using pigments that are activated and transformed under black light.

“In terms of colouring, each hair type required several steps of bleaching involving different techniques and parting, and the application of at least four colour combinations in addition to neon pigment to define specific areas.

“In the knowledge that there is nothing natural about these whimsical colours, we applied a more organic approach to our hairstyles in order to achieve impactful result without forgoing a commercial look.

“We adhered to the dual concept throughout the shoot and audio-visual production process – natural/whimsical, day/night, chilled/crazy. Consciously working with these contradictions allowed us to create a collection that radiates its own special light.”

Hair: The Carol Bruguera creative team (Jessica Alcalà, Marta Cañada, Yolanda Casademunt, Eva Conca, Judit Cuesta, Susana Garcia, Anna Illamola, Elizabeth Intriago, Marta Mendoza, Jessica Menendez, Susana Moreno, Sonia Navarro, Montse Romero, Patricia Salazar and Brugués Vilaró)
Make-up: Ester Garrido and Ivette Matavacas
Photography: Ivan Raga
Art direction: Dadà Comunica
Models: Elizabeth Intriago, Mila Bocanegra, Laia Salarich, Èlia Gimeno, Valentina Larrondo, Laura Calvo and Patricia Hernandez

Watch the collection in motion >

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