No brush off

Colour expert Lesley Jennison wanted a tool to make in-salon colour easier and create a little bit of drama. So she brushed up on brushes…

What’s that saying about a poor workman blaming their tools? Well, that excuse won’t wash – not now Lesley Jennison, director at Agency in Chelsea and global colour ambassador for Schwarzkopf Professional, has decided to create her own brushes for colourists to make life a little easier in the salon. Here, she tells us how she did it…

“I wanted a faster and cleaner way to achieve a flawless, shimmering, colour-melting technique on long hair. It’s a technique that is still really on trend and has a longevity, especially as a salon technique. I also wanted to use the ColourMelter Tray I created in collaboration with Schwarzkopf Professional 18 months ago. I believe it’s a super tool that not only creates multi-faceted colour results, but also, when used with the new paintbrush, causes a sense of theatre and drama in the salon. At the same time – and most importantly – it really works, this is no gimmick!

“I worked really hard on many brushes before opting for the final one. I’m obsessed with brushes, my kit is full from beautifully handmade calligraphy brushes from Japan to even the local DIY store!

“So, this is the ColourMelter paint brush, which is absolutely perfect with long hair. It helps us achieve seamless vertical and horizontal colour melting on long hair, in a cleaner and super-reduced time, while making sure you have full saturation of colour every time. With the ColourMelter tray, I can get two or even three colours on at the same time.

“But there are a few things you need to know. Always damp the brush first by running under a tap and squeezing out the excess water. This ensures no product is wasted, as no colour will be sucked inside the brush and all colour will be transferred onto hair. That will keep the salon boss happy, you’re using less colour!

“And always use the technique on the hair that the client sees – on long hair this is normally the sections either side of the parting and the hairline – for when they wear hair up.”

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