Post-lockown colour: It’s time to work smarter, not harder!

by | 14 Jul 2020

Guest PAINTER Loretta Marie shares her advice for making post-lockdown colour services work for you and your clients


“Is it just me or does anyone else almost never use the same balayage technique twice on the same client? With balayage going from strength to strength across all social media platforms, there seems to always be a new trend appearing.

When it comes to balayage, I  go through trends too. It all depends on your starting canvas and your end goal,  but I feel with all this information readily available to both hair stylists and clients, even clients don’t want the same thing twice. Now this doesn’t mean that what we created on their hair previously wasn’t amazing. It just means clients want to keep up with trends too. Let’s face it, who doesn’t love watching a balayage painting video after a long day?

Returning to the salon post-lockdown, during possibly the most challenging booking period since your busiest Christmas, we are all looking for ways to fill our time as much as possible. Working smarter, not harder has become a necessity, not just something Instagram stars say.

Speaking to my clients recently, it seems as though we can expect a shift to a lower maintenance side of hair colouring, with a lot of people having come to feel more comfortable with their natural colour while dealing with lockdown roots. Now is the perfect time to add in services to our lists that we can apply quickly,  and still achieve the beachy, sun-kissed results our clients love.

By adding in a few key express services we can fulfil quickly, we can utilise our time behind the chair more effectively and get through our waiting lists in a much quicker time scale. This means happy clients and less stressed stylists.



Looking at my own service list, I have added elements such as face frame only highlights (I’m still searching for the right service name for that one but I’m thinking sun lights, baby frame, and sun-kissed baby light gorgeousness?).  Conditioning treatment braids have also been added, giving clients the option to leave with their hair damp in braids, with a conditioning treatment still in their hair rather than having a blow dry. Lastly, a high speed toning service that can be utilised as a stand-alone service, but will also save me a LOT of time toning bleach outs and balayages behind the backwash.

For my high speed toning service I will be using Pulp Riot High Speed Toners, which can tone and deposit colour into the hair in as little as five minutes. With six shades in the range, these toners are completely intermixable and can work on canvases as low as a level 8, meaning all my quick toning needs will be met whatever shade my client desires. I will definitely be thankful for those extra minutes they will save me.

As hairdressers and colourists, we are now more sought after than ever and this is our time to shine. Please look after yourselves and work smarter, not harder these coming months behind the chair.”

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