“Probably the high point of my career”

by | 19 Mar 2018

Let’s go nightclubbing with star colourist Josh Wood, Redken’s global colour creative director, as he travels back to the ‘80s with Marc Jacobs for New York Fashion Week A/W18

“I worked really closely with Marc Jacobs to create a relationship between the texture and colour of the fabric and the hair, so you’ll always see a reflection of the hair colour in the fabric and vice versa. We worked with hundreds of swatches of fabric and hundreds of pieces of hair to match the colours perfectly. There’s a lot of thought gone into colour throughout the whole show.”

“I had a lot of great references to work with – we were working with a very ’60s haircut and the colours were very late ’80s/early ’90s-inspired. We created a colour and character for each of the girls, so no two colours are the same. It was about considering each individual girl and really pushing her look; it was to make her look more extreme and make bold, big statements.”

“There was a conversation that this girl could look like she’d been lit in a nightclub, kind of under neon or strobe lighting. For me, those nightclub hues lend themselves very well to skillfully crafted, angular cuts. The fact that they feel like they’ve been created almost for theatre, or to tell a specific story, adds to the drama.”

“The colours are really bold, really expressive, actually quite extreme in some ways, but I think the colour really typifies what Marc was trying to create for the overall collection. There’s something a little retro, but completely futuristic, too.”

“For me, this is about precision colour. It’s about knowing exactly where to place colour to really emphasise those quite severe haircuts. A lot of these colours might seem quite simplistic, but they took four, five or six processes per girl to be able to achieve such extreme colour.”

“These looks are reflective of an era where people really expressed themselves through hair colour. There are elements of that today, but I think it was much more extreme and experimental in the ‘80s.”

“Extreme colour is here to stay. I’m really grateful to see it in such a bold way on the catwalk. I don’t think colour is in or out these days; It’s definitely part of the way a woman thinks about her beauty routine.”

“I have to say this is probably the high point of my career; I’m really proud of what we’ve created; so I’m thankful for Guido (Palau, Redken global creative director and lead stylist on the show) and Marc allowing me to create such show-stopping colours.”

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