Wait! Who’s in the new Pulp Riot UK Squad…?

After bursting onto the UK colour scene back in May, Pulp Riot has revealed its first UK squad and educators

Following its launch in the UK in May, colour brand Pulp Riot has revealed its first UK Squad members and educators.

Selected by Pulp Riot founders David and Alexis Thurston, each of the artists chosen were selected based on their personal journeys and the relationships built beyond their Instagram pages. They’ll enjoy education, mentoring and support to help them build their colour careers even further.  But who are they? Let’s say hello…

Meet the UK Squad members…









As a group of developers, content creators and educators, together they are at the core of the Pulp Riot, spreading the brand ethos and inspiring hairdressers around the globe. With over 100 members of the Squad worldwide, the group will be sharing their work online and live, as well as streaming education daily and on Pulp Riot TV.

“My life has been an absolute whirlwind since I started working with Pulp Riot. I can’t even begin to explain how unbelievable it’s been working with these guys. My life long dream has been to educate and travel. In just a short few months they’ve trained me and given me all the opportunities to fulfil my dreams. They’re one of the biggest brands in the entire world but I feel as if they’ve really personally taken me under their wing and given me everything I need to succeed and I know they treat everyone who works for them like this. It’s really special to work for such a huge brand who really care for people. Watch this space!”Tegan Robertson, Pulp Riot Educator & Squad Member

Meet the UK Educators…






To find out more, follow @pulpriot.uk on Instagram.

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