Quick-fire Q&A with Mark Leeson

What exactly makes Mark Leeson tick? Find out more about Revlon Professional’s Global Artistic Ambassador…

What’s your inspiration when creating colouring techniques/looks?
I take the forthcoming season into consideration and whether it’s for the salon or for the shows/education. I also think about the commercial aspect of it and how the looks can be re-interpreted by diluting certain elements and adapting them for use in the salon.  I am forever sourcing and experimenting with new techniques, however I feel the simplest ones always work the best.

Do you have a favourite colour technique, and if so why?
I just love a blank canvas and an open mind! I also like to break down intricate techniques into more salon friendly versions, while still achieving great results.

What’s in your kit bag when working on shoots?
All my trusted tools of the trade, which I have garnered over the years.  There are too many for me to mention, but my favourite must-have top five that I never without are:

  • Mason Pearson brush
  • Setting clips
  • Elastic
  • Bungee hooks
  • Revlon Style Masters Modular hairspray

What’s on your music playlist?
It’s very very mixed.  Love 80’s stuff – George Michael to Aretha, Buddha bar and of course Madonna and Kylie – but I also like classical, rock, punk, electronic and high energy tunes. I love any music where my heart matches the beat of the music.

Is there a country/place that you love to go to for inspiration?  
For me it’s the big chill of the Maldives – there I am capable of creating space in my brain to let inspiration in. Time is so precious and my life is so busy and work orientated that the Indian Ocean offers complete escapism and enables me to refocus and recharge for the next project.

Are there any exciting projects that you’re currently working on?
Since my appointment as Global Ambassador for Revlon Professional there are many! I’m constantly thinking about what’s next, whether its photographic work, education or platform work.    All three excite me and I’m lucky to be surrounded by an equally inspiring team who are all growing on their own journeys. Having a direct influence over global activity and trends is really exciting. Working closely with research and development enables me to develop new colours and products to elevate both Revlon and my brand.

What’s the best advice you’ve been given?
Treat everyone how you’d like to be treated yourself.  For example, I used to groan when at my earlier press days 20 years ago, young beauty interns would appear in the place of the beauty editor.  However, I treated them well and gave them the best of me.  These young ladies have not only become loyal clients, but are now editors in their own right and have never forgotten their first press cut!

What makes you smile each day?
Following my recent illness – it’s has to be my good health and all those that are close to me. When you’ve had dark times and suffered serious illness, waking up each morning is a gift in itself and sure puts a smile on my face.

What is your favourite hair decade?
Oh, it hasn’t happened yet as each year ends up being my new favourite! My latest collection is always my best. Of course, I grew up and became a hairdresser in the eighties when perming, backcombing and punk was around, but each decade has its own unique facets. I like to bring things in and push boundaries and that can often mean combining different influences from lots of different decades.

Tell us something about you we don’t know…
I am an accomplished tennis player and represented my county and country when I was young. Nowadays watching tennis is more my thing!