How Schwarzkopf Professional created its latest shades

Recognising that it’s often hairdressers that drive future colour trends, Schwarzkopf Professional gave six inspiring colourists permission to take over the IGORA Royal colour labs to create three new shade collections

And here they are!

Dusted rouge: Schwarzkopf Professional colour ambassador, Lesley Jennison and Brazilian colour specialist, Jean Philippe Santos, reinvent reds.

Dishevelled nudes: Australia-based international Schwarzkopf Professional ambassador, Matt Clements, and Spanish member of X-Presion, Jorge Cáncer, have developed a collection of nude tones with an edge.

Lucid nocturnes: Canada-based Schwarzkopf Professional colour director, Rossa Jurenas, and American hair artist, Linh Phan, co-create deep and seductive midnight colours.

The first two collections are out now, while Lucid nocturnes comes out in September.

In January, the IGORA #RoyalTakeOver bought us Dusted Rouge and Schwarzkopf Professional has just released Disheveled Nudes.


This IGORA #RoyalTakeOver colour collection offers six subtle and disruptive shades, from powdery blondes and pastels to darker, shadowy tones.

Two new in-salon colour services have been developed to create the key looks:

Vanguard Pixel Nudes – Jorge Cáncer’s signature look

This ‘go-viral’ look was created with the Organic Pixel Technique, a soft base colour, sliced with green and purple tonal placements.

Vanguard Shadowing Nudes – Matt Clements’ signature look

This look is soft with an edge, thanks to the Organic Shadow Technique. Dusted blue and pink pastel tones contrast against rich gold hues, adding depth and character for a multi-tonal finish.

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