Social Media for Salon Owners 101

PAINTER Sophia Hilton shares how salon owners can take back control of their channels for maximum social media success

Sophia Hilton

“In the last month I’ve been calling salon owners across the country to promote a social media course I’m doing in July, but what I didn’t expect is the horrific stories each salon owner would tell me. It seemed to be an industry crisis unravelling in front of my eyes. Originally, I called salons to spread the word about the event but before I knew it, I was on the phone for an hour while managers told me their stories. 

It was a mix of sadness, anger or feeling lost. It seemed for many companies, social media had brought more trouble and heart ache than it had profits. But why? Salon owners tend not to be of the generation that gets social media, but the people working for them do get it. This puts the salons in a weakened position, meaning the stylists start to slowly take control, simply because of two things. Firstly, they are able to build a personal profile online separate to the business. Secondly, they now have client contact details. How terrifying is that for a salon owner?

But let’s turn it on its head for a second; it’s happening anyway, whether salon owners like it or not. So, rather than sitting and sulking, perhaps there is another way. Salon owners MUST know more about social media than employees. They must have the ability to utilise their team, to use their staff to promote their businesses BEFORE the staff members can promote themselves.

In theory, a salon with five stylists has a social media following five times bigger than each individual. That’s five times more content, more brains with ideas and more business. However, if the salon is not utilising its staff to help promote them online, then stylists will disproportionately benefit. To make it simple – it should be part of the job role to contribute to the gaining of new clients. 

All salon owners now run the risk of clients disappearing though social media, and this is something we can’t escape. Why just be a victim? Instead, utilise this tool to your advantage, rather than sitting back and watching the damage.”

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