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by | 7 May 2018

Fellow PAINTER Sophia Hilton has talked about the importance of colour and personal branding – now Jayson Gray explores his branding evolution as the Karbon Kyd

I think the whole idea for branding stuff is in my blood – no wonder Creative HEAD asked me to talk about it at The Coterie!  I’ve always been slightly obsessed with the whole idea of ‘branding’ in every shape and form, since my high school days and art class in particular.

Back then I had a penchant for anything linked to the circus and fairgrounds. I loved circus fonts. in particular the kind you see painted in BIG, BRIGHT and BOLD lettering, and “sparkling” in the midday sun. The kind that entices and welcomes you in! These memories from the past have really shaped my future in terms of developing my brand.

One thing in particular that represents me is the giant letter ‘K’ that I had commissioned from a prop artist who happens to be my client of 20 years or more.

I have always wanted my brand KARBON KYD to have a strong identity and a bold, but simple aesthetic. I think this comes across with the simple colour palette of black and white. I’ve really become this brand; and the brand I. It’s an extension of my personality — an “alter ego” if you will, and it’s been a long time coming.

The company concept was always to adopt a magazine vibe, in every shape and form. Daily doses of images and text, dropped first onto social media, and also shaped the for the press.


  • Somewhere I can be KARBON KYD
  • The company branding lends its self to a variety of mediums, that KARBON KYD uses on a daily basis. From the signature student notebooks through to the STICKER KYDZ format of labels and poster materials that present themselves at each intimate seminar and class that I run
  • The staging of each event becomes an event in itself, with the use of another signature feature – a black back drop and bunting, all in black KARBON of course. The future of the BRAND is going to evolve a lot with the introduction of more custom made set pieces and back drops
  • A KARBON KYD KLUBHOUSE is hopefully on the horizon, a line of trolly tools too!

I really want to create a place, a space, A UNIVERSE! Come and prance around with me!

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