Let’s go dizzy for Spiral Lights

The multi-tonal blend of balayage with the shade shift of an all-over lift. Skyler McDonald’s Spiral Lights technique was two years in the making and is perfect for clients who don’t want to stray too far from their natural base. Here’s how it works…

Step one: find the crown
The sectioning for Spiral Lights is designed to follow the natural growth pattern of the hair. As the name suggests, colour is applied to six to eight segments that fan out from the crown and form a spiral around the client’s head, starting just behind the ear.
Step two: select your shades
To create the signature soft blend of Spiral Lights, the team at Skyler London typical use a combination of four different colours that are all only a few shades away from the client’s natural base. The idea is to add subtle depth and texture throughout the hair.
Step three: apply colour diagonally to each section
Using a tail-comb weave technique (as with regular highlights), colour is applied on an angle and sealed in foils. As you work your way through each section, moving towards the crown, the foils should begin to stack in a staircase-style formation. This approach lends itself to more natural looking shade variation than classic highlights and softer regrowth compared to balayage.
Step four: rinse, balance and tone
Once the colour has processed, the foils have been removed and the hair has been rinsed, the Skyler London team typically apply a lightening oil to gently lift the natural hair and blend any old highlight colour that may be present and tone to the client’s desired warmth level.