staino transformations

From ‘blah’ to banging. Check out these superb staino transformations by UK ambassador Tom Smith…

Hair condition: Mostly good, a little broken on top from tying hair up too tight.

Client goals/expectations: To eliminate yellow tones, add dimension with a pastel colour and to add thickness in the front of the hair.

Your approach:

  • Pre-lighten regrowth, tone to neutralise yellow and keep maximum lift
  • Olaplex, of course!
  • Apply staino lavender and clear 1:1 to a large chevron shaped section over the occipital area, and also to four pre-toned tape extensions
  • Process for 20 minutes
  • Dry and cut the hair for health and retain maximum density
  • Apply two tape extensions each side close to temples to add thickness and colour close to the face

Any notes on aftercare? Regrowth and tapes need to be done every 5-6 weeks. Olaplex should be used every wash and fabuloso platinum blonde colour boosting treatment as needed to keep yellow tones away.

Hair condition: Very long pre-lightened hair. Lots of banding, fine hair, high density.

Client goals/expectations: To even up the base and create an intentionally multi-tonal fashion shade.

Your approach:

  • Multi-stage lightening to correct bands and achieve an even base
  • Olaxplex in every stage
  • Three different shades of staino:
    • Formula 1 – 120g clear + 3g ultramarine
    • Formula 2 – 120g clear + 2g jade + 0.5g cobalt
    • Formula 3 – 100g clear + 3g lime + 0.5g ultramarine
  • Formula 1 applied to shadow root area and root to tip of all hair below templates
  • Alternate formulas in diagonal slices blending into root in the order Formula 3, Formula 2, Formula 1, repeat.
  • Develop for 20 minutes
  • Rinse in cold water

Any notes on aftercare? Olaplex every wash. Wash in cold water to preserve tone. Colour will fade slowly but beautifully and true to tone until eventually back to a clean, even base.

Hair condition: Short, fine hair but strong.

Client goals/expectations: A soft coral peach tone.

Your approach:

  • Hair was already pre-lightened.
  • Applied staino 45g clear + 3g fuchsia + 1g neon yellow to cleansed and towel dried hair
  • Develop for 20 minutes
  • Rinse in cool water

Any notes on aftercare? Shampoo minimally and in cool water and use a custom mixed evo fab pro pigmented conditioner as needed to maintain the tone. Use Olaplex every other wash.

Hair condition: Good, strong hair.

Client goals/expectations: A really impactful vibrant raspberry shade with as soft a ‘grow out’ as possible.

Your approach:

  • Pre-lighten slices applying product softly closer to roots to ensure a less harsh root
  • Use Olaplex to even porosity and shampoo
  • Apply staino fuchsia and ruby 2:1 global application
  • Develop for 20 minutes

Any notes on aftercare? Wash in cold water to minimise fading and use an evo fab pro customised colour maintenance conditioner containing 30g fuchsia + 10g ruby + 40g CO at home as needed. Use Olaplex every 3 washes.


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