“Having been a lover of evo fab pro for many years, I have SO appreciated being able to help develop and play with its newer bolder brother, staino! For all of my work, the condition of the hair is always at the forefront of my mind, and the intense and beautiful shine that staino leaves on the hair makes the already super-bright shades look even more intense. The creamy consistency is beautiful for blending shades together and the long-lasting results mean that every minute of effort put into a creative application is worth it as the effect fades so slowly and beautifully.”
– Tom Smith

Last month, we introduced you to the evo #stainoskillz Instagram contest for colourists getting creative with staino. Here, evo ambassador Tom Smith highlights some of his favourite entries so far, and reveals exactly why each look caught his expert eye…

Artist: Belinda Mills, @bel_pipsqueekinsaigon

Formula: ‘Korea Maria’ – pink: 80g CO + 6g fuchsia + 2g flame, orange: 80g CO + 8g flame + 2g neon yellow

Tom’s comments: “I love the choice of palette against the model’s eye colour, skin and make-up choice. A great example of how staino can be used to create powdery pastel shades.”

Artist: Sarah Peake, @sarahpeakemuah

Formula: ruby + fuchsia 1:1, flame and neon yellow

Tom’s comments: “This is a great way to showcase using staino on bases other than global pre-lightener. Excellent inspiration and very cool result!”

Artist: Jess Schoof,

Formula: ‘Wonka’s Surprise’ – purple: straight lavender, pink – 10g fuchsia + 40g clear

Tom’s comments: “Great choice of complimentary tones. Really appreciate the use of one staino shade at full strength combined with a diluted version of another. Beautiful soft placement and super healthy looking result.”

Fancy getting in on the staino action and potentially winning yourself $1,000 USD in the process?

All you need to do is post the most head-turningly awesome looks you’ve produced with staino, share the formulas used and include the competition hashtag: #stainoskillz, before the end of October. Good luck and happy creating! 


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