Super Slick

by | 17 Apr 2019

Deep dive into a whirlpool of iridescent rich jewel tones as Jason Hogan, advocate colourist at Josh Wood Colour, shares his step by step guide to creating his oil slick technique

Jason Hogan

“Inspired by iridescent petrol spills, the oil slick hair colour trend is great for clients who naturally have dark hair but don’t want to bleach their hair. Think of it as the alternative mermaid hair trend for brunettes by focusing on purples, blues and greens.

This technique was developed out of necessity for darker-haired clients who loved the multi-dimensional rainbow effect of pastel colours seen on their lighter-haired friends in the summer. As the process of lifting dark hair to the level necessary for a light pastel is far too aggressive, time-consuming and costly, this technique is the perfect way for brunettes to play with colour.

To create the oil slick effect I used rich jewel tones, meaning the hair does not have to be lifted to that extreme level. The condition of the hair is always paramount, as the better the condition the better the colour! I also think it is important to maintain the clients natural base, as this is always going to look so much more flattering against their skin and giving it a more seamless grow out.

Step 1:
Start by foil wrapping the hair with a highly-textured weave.

Step 2:
Once all the foils have been placed, go in-between and cool down the base with a demi permanent.

Step 3:
Once the hair in foils has reached the desired lightness, shampoo and dry the hair.

Step 4:
Working on dry hair, place the direct dye formulas on a diagonal so they melt together.

Step 5:
After 20 minutes rinse out in cool water, lightly shampoo and condition and the hair is ready to be styled.

To see more of Jason’s work, follow @mrjasonhogan on Instagram.

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