Team work makes the dream work

PAINTER Amy Fish tells us how the Queens of Colour Department works when it comes to inspiration and team work at Larry King Salon

We are a very close team at Larry King, we love talking everything hair. Every season we talk about what’s been happening on the catwalk, from the clothes to the hair and make-up, and if any big models change their hair, we like to know why, how, and formulas! It’s amazing talking to each other as we bounce ideas back and forward and get inspired from each other. This is what we do in the Queens of Colour Department, comprising myself, Harriet Muldoon and Lucy Holbrook.

We start off sending images and articles we love in our little “Hair Colour Group” on Whats App (which also includes Laura, Larry’s wife). From there, we reference and mood board our ideas. Although the world is very tech savvy now, we still enjoy arts and crafts and make mood boards from cut outs and magazines.

We normally like to do this after work with a cheeky alcoholic beverage, and our little salon dog Nelly likes to join us. I signed up to an online subscription called Stacks Magazine – once a month I get an independent magazine sent out to me, and it can be anything from fashion to film to food. It’s nice to get something different and to see other creatives share their work, not just the beauty press.

We love chatting to our clients, what they’re wearing, where they have been and what inspires them. It’s the beauty of our industry that we talk to so many different people daily and it’s nice to take it all in. From this we talk about what we want to do with our ideas. We source models to try new techniques, perfect old techniques, it’s fun! From then on, our ideas grow and we’re not afraid to share them. Watch this space for our new project…

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