The anti money piece

Manic Panic anti money piece

A bold take on an on-trend colour technique

Here on PAINT, we’re all about bringing colour to life. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Manic Panic to bring you a series of seriously bold (and seriously impressive) transformations.

Following the huge success of the Self/Styled Sunday Masterclass, this month we’re sharing all about Vicki Hoskin’s bold reverse money piece look, with magenta roots melting into pastel tones throughout the lengths.

The anti money piece step by step:

STEP ONE: Starting with a clean pale yellow level 10 canvas – think the inside of a banana skin – I begin by sectioning off my money piece sections on both sides of the face.  These can be as thick or as thin as you want them to be, depending on your desired results. I take the section down at a diagonal from the parting right down to in front of the ear and clip out of the way. These will be the last sections you will colour.

STEP TWO: Next, I part into two halves from the top of the parting to the nape of the neck. In total you should have two small face-framing sections and two big sections on the rest of the head.

STEP THREE: Starting from the back, I then apply my zone one formula. I use  Manic Panic Pro Pink Warrior, and apply an inch of colour to the root.

STEP FOUR: Using my clean GLOVED fingers,  I then blend out that colour by pulling down where the end of my applied colour sits. Feathering the colour this way will ensure you are not taking any colour from the root. This will also make your root drag deeper, spreading the colour further down the hair! I always wipe my hands clean after melting, as this ensures each blend is clean and seamless  – with zero lines of demarcation where cheeky bits of colour have sat on my hands.

STEP FIVE: In transitional zone two, I apply a mixture of Pro Pastelizer and  Pink warrior to create a subtle pastel pink. I blend this right into my previous placement, using my fingers once again for a clean blend. Make sure to leave  around four inches on the ends clean and free from colour, as this is where zone three colour will be applied.

STEP SIX: For the final zone, I apply Pro Pastelizer and Classic Sunshine to create a pretty Easter pastel yellow. I apply this to the ends, and blend into zone two. I then repeat this throughout the whole head.

STEP SEVEN: When it comes to my money piece,  the whole front face-frame is painted in Pink warrior – our zone one colour. Choosing this method ensures the face-frame pops,  but with a darker twist against the pastel mid-lengths and ends.

STEP EIGHT: Once complete, I leave to  develop for 40 minutes before  rinsing with ice cold water. It isn’t nice  but it keeps your colour fresh, bleed-free and conditioned.

anti money piece

“As I am obsessed with shag cuts at the minute, to finish the look I opted for this style. I think it’s the perfect accompaniment to this anti money piece colour technique!”

Stay tuned at the start of each month for more Manic Panic transformations, with full formula breakdowns, step by step techniques and more, only on PAINT.