“Three times a year we shoot a set of Images for the Slunks brand. We use them for social media and marketing and competitions as they can be very expensive.

With these looks we wanted the colour to be almost simple and easy on the eyes. Our aim was to look really bohemian. We used Candy Floss Crazy Color mixed with a little Peachy Coral Crazy Color and the ultimate favourite, Pinkissimo Crazy Color. For the green shade we mixed Peppermint Crazy Color with some neutral mix.

Then for the second look, we lifted the base colour to a clean 9 with Schwarzkopf Professional Blond ME. We used Bubblegum Blue Crazy Color with a little Sapphire and Slate, then added Ice Mauve, Candy Floss, Peachy Coral and some neutral mix.”

Hair and creative direction: Joel McCauley and Lauren Hanlon at Slunks, Cardiff
Photography: Dan Thomas