The digital age of hairdressing

Lets get digital! Guest PAINTER Loretta Marie muses on the evolution of education, plus some exciting new launches

 “We have entered the digital age of hairdressing. Who would have thought this would ever be a thing?! Online consultations, digital education sessions and even festivals and trade shows are now being hosted over Zoom. This is the world we are living in right now, and it is proof that this industry is not afraid of change. We will keep on thriving with every opportunity.

Being part of the Pulp Riot community has meant that I have been able to get involved with some exciting digital based product launches and education classes – with two of the most exciting ones happening within the last couple of weeks.

If you haven’t heard the news already, I’m here to tell you… The Pulp Riot Interstellar collection has landed!

It is Pulp Riot’s line of eight, deposit only, fashion shades formulated by the head of Pulp Riot education, Doug Theo. I was lucky enough to be invited along to take part in a digital hang out session hosted by the Pulp Riot UK team and the Pulp Riot community. We all came together online to try out the new shades and share our thoughts.

Interstellar is an extended part of the Pulp Riot colour line Faction 8, and can be intermixed together with any Faction 8 shades and with any High Speed Toners too. This means we now have additional colours to add into already countless shade options.

From the event we found that even opposing shades on the colour wheel blend together beautifully – the green shade 12.7 is unlike anything we have ever seen before. On a personal note, I may never colour my hair with anything other than 12.4 copper ever again! It was so great getting to hang out with so many amazing artists and seeing everyone’s takes on their favourite shades. Check out some of our creations below…

As if the launch of Interstellar wasn’t enough,  we were also graced with the Pulp Riot Festival! The day covered everything from colouring techniques to hair braiding, working with textured hair and even fashion illustration.

Hosted by the ever fabulous Harriet Stokes, the day flew by with heaps of tips and tricks from:, @paintedbysharell, @peachsodaa, @kyleemariehair and @Harriet_stokes showcasing their colouring skills and letting us in on those little secrets that help them create the magical colours they are known for. @Dianatfrancis showed us all the best ways to be careful to keep the condition when working with textured hair and has her own courses running in London for anyone who is looking to up their knowledge.”

Interstellar is available now from Capital Hair and Beauty, Salons Direct, Alan Howard and Aston and Fincher.

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