The evolution of vivids

Looking to expand your creative colour clientele? Guest PAINTER Betty Blades shares all about the rise of vivid tones and how to master the perfect blend

I’ve always loved to colour hair. The two aspects of hair colouring that truly resonate with me are painting and self-expression. How do you think people perceive you based on your hair colour? Do you think you are still judged for how you dress your tresses, or is society more accepting now?

Going back 10 years, when I’d been working as a qualified stylist for a year, I had one or two vibrant clients. Most clients admired bright colours, but lacked the confidence or had worries of professional ramifications.

Over the years I gained a reputation for being an adventurous colourist, and acquired five regulars who would dabble in rainbows – so I got to play a bit more with creative colour,, but with noticeable limitations.

Firstly, the colour lines I used had some set backs. They were not consistent so replicating a favourite shade was tough. I had to be careful as to what I placed next to each other due to bleeding issues, although the WORST problem was staining.

Blues, purples and greens were the biggest culprits and sometimes the purple washed out green! Not only was I limited with what I could place together, but I was also wary to use half the colour  spectrum!

Then BOOM! My preferred supplier announced the arrival of Pulp Riot which I had coveted for so long, so I quickly spent ALL of my business funds. I was not disappointed.

Firstly, you mix it as if it’s paint – the colours don’t really bleed, so no longer do I fear greens neighbouring pinks! Some formulas seem to GLOW.  Most importantly, they are not the huge commitment they once were – the shades fade evenly, are true to tone and seem to fade fresher than the original canvas. Basically, they fade unicorn colour.

Clients have pointed out the improvement in my colouring, and I can also see it myself. I quickly found that a wider range of my clientele are being lured into my world of creative hair colour. No longer just students and tattooists, my rainbow clients now include my 80 year old Nana, a chef, medical professionals, several teachers and one has an important role working with the police and the council.

Although I feel there are still those who judge the wearer of the wilder mane, they are slowly becoming the minority. Most of my clients are complimented and admired for their rainbow locks.

I only hope that this is a sign of progress in society and the professional world, in regards to supposed uniform and biased towards ‘alternative’ people. Let’s break the shackles of conformity and rise above the norm with colour.”

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