The fiery halo with help from INNOluxe

Create an on-trend colour technique that doesn’t compromise on the health of the hair

In partnership with INNOluxe

Here on PAINT, we’re all about bringing colour to life while achieving impressive results which don’t impact the health of clients’ strands. That’s why we’ve teamed up with INNOluxe to showcase a fierce transformation from Kayleigh Dixon.

Delivering high-impact hues and an on-trend style, the end result is happy, healthy hair with some serious wow factor. Find out how you can take your colour to the next level while creating strong, soft, shiny hair with INNOluxe…

The fiery halo step by step:

STEP ONE: Section the hair into a halo section. You want to part from the hairline to nape, ensuring halo sections remain separate.

STEP TWO: Mix up your tint formula (Matrix 8cc 20ml with Matrix srrc 20ml) with 9% and INNOluxe V3 Rebond for root area at the top of halo section. Then mix the tint formula, which is the same formula, with 3% and INNOluxe V3 Rebond for the ends of the top halo section. Mix up bleach with 6% and INNOluxe V3 Rebond for the root area of the lower halo section.

STEP THREE: Apply tint to the top halo section from root to end, and clip out of the way. Next, apply the bleach to the root section of the lower halo and leave for 25 minutes to develop. For the final 10 minutes, mix and apply bleach with 1.5% and INNOluxe V3 Rebond to cleanse the previous tone out of the pre-lightened ends. You want to lift to around base nine.


STEP FOUR: Rinse colour off, ensuring the copper doesn’t run into the freshly bleached section. Then shampoo with the INNOluxe #SAVED Shampoo and towel dry. Apply INNOluxe V3 Balance Plus all over for seven minutes then rinse. 

STEP FIVE: Mix the desired colour with direct dye – I used Canary Yellow and Cyclamen from Crazy Color. Then add INNOluxe V3 Rebond into your mix. Apply to pre-lightened areas and leave for 35 minutes. 

STEP SIX: Rinse direct dye, ensuring no colour runs into the copper section, then towel dry and apply INNOluxe V3 Balance Plus for a further 10 minutes. Rinse and condition the hair using the #SAVED Conditioner. 

STEP SEVEN: To finish up, I cut the hair into a soft shag using Elixir V3 as a cutting aid and leave-in treatment, before blast drying the hair and smoothing over the ends.

Find out more about INNOluxe V3 here > 


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