The mystery makeover results are in…

Get the insider scoop from the #PulpRiotMysteryMakeover lockdown challenge, set by Guest PAINTER Lexie Shay Rabbett


On a mission to keep her brain cells buzzing during lockdown, earlier in the month Guest PAINTER Lexie Shay Rabbett introduced the #PulpRiotMysteryMakeover – a way to create new looks using colour products she already owned at home.

After sharing her exciting task with the Pulp Riot squad, they all set about creating colour transformations on partners, pals and dolls heads, using combinations they may have never thought of before. From fruit salad inspired hues to a statement blue mohawk, the results have been seriously impressive, so we got the inside scoop on how they did it…


Step one: Hand paint balayage with Pulp Riot Clay Lightener and 30vol (1:2 mixing ratio) adding a money piece section (thin triangle section from the natural parting)
Step two: On the money piece paint 30mls Pulp Riot Blush with 2mls of Cupid
Step three: Mix 3/4 tube of Faction8 10.2 & with a 1/4 tube of Faction8 8.34, mix with 6vol (1:2 mixing ratio)
Step 4: Apply globally to the rest of the hair, develop for 45 mins.


Pulp Riot Semi-Permanent mixes applied to dry hair:
Pink – Cupid & a drop of Jam
Orange- 15mls Lemon & 5mls Cupid & 1ml of Fireball
Yellow- 15mls Lemon & 15mls Firefly.


Apply these Semi-permanent mixes onto dry hair, leaving on for up to 40 minutes:
Deep blue: Nightfall & Blue Muse (1:4)
Lighter blue: Smoke & Blue Muse (1:2)
Silver/grey: Smoke & Mercury (1:1)


Apply these mixtures of Pulp Riot Semi-Permanents to a level 9 or above:
Pink: 20mls Cupid & 10mls Blush & 20mls Clear
Orange:  30mls Clear & 10mls Lemon & 2mls fireball
Yellow: 15mls Lemon & 5mls Clear
Green: 15mls Clear & 5mls Absinthe
Blue: 15mls Powder & 5mls Blue Muse
Purple: 15mls Lilac & 5mls Jam


Step one: Lighten using a formula of Blonde AF & 20 vol (1:1.5 mixing ratio)
Step two: Mix 20ml Violet High Speed Toner, 10ml Natural High Speed Toner, 10ml Faction8 9.2 (1:2 mixing ratio 10vol)
Step three: Pretone for up to 15 minutes or until desired base is acheived.
Step four: Mix 100ml of Clear 20ml of Nightfall, 10ml of Blush, 5ml of Cupid and a 2ml of Fireball.
Step five: Take sections and alternate colour.


Step one: Lighten with Pulp Riot Blonde AF ( 1:1.5 mixing ratio)
Step two: Pre tone with 10g Silver High speed Toner + 10g Faction8 10.2, mix with 10vol in a 1:1 mixing ratio.
Step three: To get the grey mix 1/2 Pulp Riot Smoke with 1/2 Pulp Riot Clear
Step four: To create the Rainbow Prism use the following mixes of Pulp Riot Semi-Permanents:
Blue Mix: Clear + 1 drop BlueMuse
Green Mix: Clear + 2 drops Area51
Yellow Mix: Clear + 1 drop Firefly
Pink Mix: Clear + 2 drops Cupid


Step one: Apply Faction8 3.0 on the the roots (1.2 mixing ratio with 6vol)
Step two: Create a bespoke mix of Pulp Riot Semi-Permanents – 30g Nightfall, 30g Jam and 40g Noir
Step three: Apply to the lenghts & ends and leave on for up to 40 minutes.



Step one: Lighten using the Pulp Riot Clay lightener with 30vol (1:1.5 mixing ratio)
Step two: Once you have the desired base, use the following mixes of Pulp Riot Semi-Permanents
Apply first: 15mls Lemon + 15mls Clear
Blend into: 15mls Lemon
Blend into: 15mls Lemon + 15mls Fireball
Blend into: 10mls Lemon + 20mls Fireball
And apply Noir for the Anarchy sign

Apply the following mixtures of Pulp Riot Semi-Permanents to a level 9 or above:
Mix one: 20ml Clear & 20ml Blush & 2ml Sea Glass
Mix two: 20ml Cupid & 10ml Mercury
Mix three: 20ml Seaglass & 2ml Blue muse & 20ml Clear
Mix four: 20ml Seaglass & 2ml Blue muse & 2ml Aquatic


Step one: Gently lift with Blonde AF 10vol, ideally reaching a level 9 (1:1.5 mixing ratio)
Step two: Mix Rose Gold High Speed Toner with Pulp Riot 6vol (1:2 mixing ratio)
Step three: Tone with Rose Gold High Speed Toner for 15 minutes.


Step one: Lighten using Blonde Af mixed with 20 vol (1:1.5)
Step two: Tone using Pulp Riot Icy High Speed Toner & with a drop of Silver (1:2 mixed with 6vol)
Step three: Apply a mix of the Pulp Riot Semi-Permanents:
Mix 1: 20ml Mercury & 3ml drop of Smoke
Mix 2 Blue: 10ml Clear, 10ml Powder, 10ml Blue Muse & 2ml drop of Nightfall

For more information about Pulp Riot Semi-Permanents, click here

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