Paint the Rainbow

Why choose one colour? Embrace the rainbow with Schwarzkopf Professional’s new customisable colour system, CHROMA ID

Colour is hugely personal and can have a real impact on your client’s mood and character. With an increasing demand for complete customisation, self-expression and low-commitment hair colour, it’s more important than ever to offer customisable colour to meet individual hair needs.

If you’re not offering your client the opportunity to play with every crayon in the box and personalise their look then you’re missing a trick. CHROMA ID is Schwarzkopf Professional’s new 100 percent customisable semi-permanent mixing and toning colour system.

The CHROMA ID range 

Unlock your creativity and open your client’s eyes to how easy it is to rock a fresh look. Regular colour chameleons and curious first-timers alike can enjoy an infinite array of colour options to express themselves without worry. The integrated Bonding Technology gives every colour intense care, while the intermixable shades cover everything from trending warm tones to edgy, striking shades. Are you ready to paint the rainbow with CHROMA ID?

Discover true colour identity

Chroma ID’s versatile portfolio is formulated to:

  • Neutralise brassy tones
  • Refresh or enhance coloured or virgin hair
  • Create pastel to bold expressive colour statements
  • Pre-pigment hair
  • Correct colour results


The range is based on Schwarzkopf Professional’s top performing shades from IGORA ROYAL and IGORA VIBRANCE, making it easy for hairdressers to select the corresponding CHROMA ID shade for any dual, freehand or full head colour service.