The secret to a seamless blend with extensions

by | 22 Jul 2019

From campaigns shoots to salon services, Robert Eaton, creative director at Russell Eaton, gives PAINT the lowdown on working with colour and extensions

Robert Eaton 

“We are constantly working with so many micro trends that develop in our salons, and these ultimately are driven forward by client demand. I feel that the ‘Colours of 2019’ campaign, on which I’ve worked with Great Lengths, really represents a very real and relevant commercial collection of new shades that will offer clients new tones that they have not seen before with extensions.

One of the most notable ones is the new ‘Salt and Pepper’ shade, which really offers clients from all age groups the option of adding fashion shades of grey and ash, or clients who have embraced the ‘Grombre’ trend and want to enhance their natural grey hair. We have worked on a cross section of shades that provide a fashion inspired twist for extension clients.

For ‘Deep Plum’, we wanted to create a look that was very much about high gloss and a superior finish, while also adding density and length to the hair in areas around the face to. From there, we were able to create a look that had more strength and a real boldness to both the colour and shape.

On the day of the campaign shoot we matched our model’s hair colour to the extension colour ‘Deep Plum’, as it isn’t always about matching extensions but rather working the other way around. Colour matching extensions is so easy, and clients love the instant colour results they see. In an era of high client expectations and instant result driven consumers, it is such an easy way to offer colour to our clients.

Rob working behind the scenes on the ‘Deep Plum’ Colours of 2019 campaign shoot with Great Lengths

In the salon, consultation time is important in order to really understand a client’s expectations and colour journey between appointments. I always think less is more with colour placement, and often working with a glossy colour, which has been perfectly matched, can offer a seamless blend and long-lasting result.

When working with a range of different shades I often approach it as if I were highlighting hair with baby lights, by working with very fine bonds and building the colour placement where needed. This may mean using the extensions to create the colour placement itself, or it could involve pre-colouring a darker root into the hair before application to make the service more bespoke.

We always use visuals and consultation mood boards to bring to life colour blends and suggest a look which inspires the client. I often think that the choice of application method is very important too – bonds can create very detailed bespoke placement of different shades, while tapes are amazing for creating larger panels and sections of colour in a more even way.”

Colours of 2019 – Robert Eaton and Great Lengths

‘Deep Plum’


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