The seven wonders of the Kitoko Botanical Colour world

With roots deep in the natural world around us, the ASP Kitoko Botanical Colour Collection has converted seven natural dyes into seamless colour, thanks to cutting-edge technology

These deposit-only colours are free from peroxide, ammonia, resorcinol, PPD and PTD for a safe and effective colour service – and still achieve up to 100 per cent white coverage.

Meet the seven wonders of the natural world which have been used to create the Kitoko Botanical Colour Collection…

Henna – Metal Free

The anti-oxidant leaves produce beautiful warm orange and red tones – perfect for creating copper and brown shades.

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Also known as neutral henna, this plant contains a golden pigment and is used for lighter shades, brightening and conditioning.

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The leaves if this tropical plant provide a natural blue/violet dye that adds depth and cooler tones.

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Walnut Husk

This antioxidant-rich dye is used to create all shades of brown.

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The blood-red heartwood produces a red dye with anti-inflammatory properties.

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The rootstalks of this plant produce a deep orange-yellow dye, perfect for colouring light hair with beautiful golden shades.

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The roots produce a conditioning, antioxidant-rich dye that creates golden tones in lighter hair.

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