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Birmingham-based salon group Bad Apple hair have been behind some of the most vibrant, exciting and on-the-pulse colour coming out of the midlands in recent years. Here, they share four contemporary consumer looks, along with step-by-step guides to recreating them…


1) Apply an all-over root bleach to the client’s regrowth and allow this to develop and lighten the hair to a pale yellow colour.

2) Rinse and pre-tone the hair to give a clean level 10 base.

3) Blend a fiery orange colour into yellow throughout the back section, and add a baby pink with slight charcoal root shadow throughout the front and top section of the hair.

4) Cut the hair with seamless layers to create a soft, shattered edge, before creating a natural wearable finish using Cloud Nine irons and TIGI Headrush to add shine.

Top tip: Use a bond builder additive (Bad Apple swear by Innoluxe) throughout the whole colour process to maintain the structure and integrity of the hair at all times.



1) Cleanse previously lightened lengths and ends and lighten them further using a freehand blending technique (taking the lightened areas higher towards the natural root).

2) Leave the colour to develop, rinse and pre tone to remove unwanted yellow tones from the lightened areas.

3) Apply a smudged root blend, fading a slate-charcoal colour into an overcast silver shade

4) Style the hair so it appears sleek and smooth using Cloud Nine irons, emphasising the shine and condition of the hair.


1) Begin with a full head global bleach application onto virgin hair. Apply to the lengths and ends of the hair first, then throughout the top section, and finally through the roots and sides of this short cut.

2) Leave hair to develop, rinse and pre-tone to achieve a light and clean base without unwanted yellow tones.

3) Apply a minty charcoal toner into a soft pink throughout the top section to emphasise the length

4) Style and cut hair with a soft undercut, creating lots of texture in the crown to provide movement and shape.

GRAPHIC BUZZ by Aid and Jack

1) Pre-lighten the ends of the hair through the top section using a freehand technique to highlight the natural texture of the hair.

2) Let the colour develop for 25 minutes, then rinse and pre-tone to remove unwanted yellow tones and provide a clean base.

3) Mask areas using tape to create a sharp line and apply a mixture of blue and green TIGI Colour Trip to achieve a deep turquoise shade
4) Cut a freehand geometric design using clippers throughout the back and sides of the hair, before masking and applying yellow colour in the same way.

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