Vibes, tribes and inspo – behind the scenes of Wella Professionals WE Create with Karbon Kyd

PAINTER Jayson Gray shares all about his exciting experience creating colour magic for the WE Create virtual event

Jayson Gray colouring hair for Wella Professionals WE Create

“Lockdowns came and went, and I found myself running out of rooms to paint and DIY jobs to finish. I was longing for some more hair days – something LIVE, something JUICY!

Sure, I was teaching online with one-to-one sessions with students and a few step-by-steps for social media, but what I really wanted was to interact with a group; do some filming and work with a crew and a real life model or two.

So,  I prayed to the show Gods that something would happen. I put all my focus on what was in my brain, creativity-wise, and put it all on paper, pictures included.  It was vibes, tribes and inspiration galore. 

I then just put this out there and emailed people within the industry and VOILA! It just so happened my beloved Wella family invited me to join an exciting new project – WE Create.

It was described as an ‘online, can’t-miss event of the year’, so I knew it was my kind of thing! Thrilled, ecstatic and jubilant was my mood once more!

The theme and brief that I was asked to work on was ‘blonde ambition.’ This ran alongside world class colour, another theme showcasing more of the Wella portfolio.

My focus was on the transformation of two models. One went from dark to light and I dubbed it ‘Textured Tilda’. I referenced the likes of Tilda Swinton and David Bowie. For my other model, it was going from light to dark by incorporating a wide palette of dusty violet tones. I called this ‘Dainty Doll’.

Jayson Gray cutting hair

Jayson Gray behind the scenes of Wella Professionals WE Create

The ‘behind the scenes’ concept was to show transformation with real sound and bloopers. The clips showed all the fun that sometimes never gets seen, but is often the most enjoyable. 

The great thing about this project was that it was to be on a global scale, incorporating many great creatives from around the world. Alongside the transformations from guest artists, there were also features on sustainability, client care and mental health.

Jayson Gray colour work for Wella Professionals WE Create

Jayson Gray colour work for Wella Professionals WE Create

The event had 61,000 registrations beforehand, and people tuned in from across the globe to be a part of it. Some countries even held a watch party, including the UK! It  was a first, and a great success. I feel very privileged to have been involved!”

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