We are in this together

From ways to keep motivated to sharing support and education, Guest PAINTER Lexie discusses the importance of staying united as an industry

“We are all in this together. We, as an industry, need to stick together in these dark times. Encourage each other to stay inspired and not lose hope. Showing support is the best thing we can offer each other. Some days are definitely darker than others, and sometimes it feels like watching paint dry is more exciting. You’re allowed to have those days! We are so lucky we live in a time of social media – we can stay connected, and it is a vice to express our creativity with the world.

I don’t know about you, but the announcement of plans to start lifting the lockdown has definitely put a spanner in the works of being able to get back on track work wise, and just mentally in general. Some clients are going absolutely bonkers about needing their hair done, and then some are not being so nice about it, am I right? I can’t be the only person finding this! Haha *eye twitches* You almost wanna shake them and say: ‘You’re not going anywhere anyway, who are you going to see?!’

But we must keep our heads, then kindly remind them that we are in this together and they’ll be back in the chair before they know it. Instead, answer these messages with some cool ideas you have for them so it makes them second guess reaching for the box dye.

Otherwise, if you’re bored of Netflix head over to the Pulp Riot website.  It’s basically the Netflix for hair, with loads of short education videos. It also shares everything you need to know about every range within Pulp Riot, with an abundance of techniques from amazing artists. I’m even organising some education of my own during lockdown. I want to keep myself and others inspired by sharing some of my signature techniques and ‘do’s and don’ts’ that I’ve picked up over the years. Knowledge is best shared not kept locked away, I always say!

My time behind the PAINT column has sadly come to an end, and I will be handing the baton over to my fellow Riot Squad gal Loretta, @lorettamarie_hair. This babe is based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Loretta and I hosted the Glasgow Riot Roadshow with David and Alexis Thurston, owners of Pulp Riot. There she acted as my translator, as I’m absolutely HOPELESS at accents! She will be telling you her story and her journey into the Riot Squad, and touching on a few different techniques, plus how to start building a creative colour client base and much more in articles to come.

In the wise words of Ellen DeGeneres: “Be kind to one another.” See you guys on Instagram! Love Lex xx”

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