Why you need an express colour service

by | Jul 15, 2019 | Colour, Debate

Many clients struggle to find the time to sit in the chair for a trim, let alone a whole colour service. But Nathan Walker, international technical director at Trevor Sorbie, has the answer…

Nathan Walker

“We know the major two consumer reasons for not colouring hair is time and money. So, by offering express colour services that are slightly less expensive but significantly quicker than traditional services, you can appeal to many more clients. The most important thing is to offer more options to more potential clients, so this makes great sense to build business and also loyalty – as those guests you do colour are likely to be more loyal.

“I designed the Express Brightening Colour Service at Trevor Sorbie in response to the needs of our guests, knowing that their time is really valuable.  An express service opens up the idea of colour where it might have been dismissed. The ideal client can be anyone – the aim is to make it possible for the client to come into the salon more frequently. The best part of express techniques is the fact you can generally do double the amount of people, while taking at least two and half times the amount in money.

“The bespoke techniques we use at Trevor Sorbie are super fast and can be even quicker when using Instant Highlights from L’Oréal Professionnel. The key was getting the language right. That’s why I created the techniques to simplify some of the most commonly searched terms in hair colouring, such as contouring, balayage and highlights. I looked at the terms people are researching and worked out how to give similar results but in much less time.

“The marketing of the Express Brightening Colour Service is also very important. We had to get the message and imagery right – the looks have to be appealing and accessible to as many potential colour converts as possible, and also those that simply delay visiting the salon because of time.

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